Liquid, Global, Diversified.

In a world driven by macro-events, our investment philosophy is founded on the premise that having a global view, along with a flexible approach, translates into investment opportunities in both improving and deteriorating markets.

Today’s capital markets are highly interconnected and we believe that having a global macroeconomic perspective is crucial to protecting and growing wealth. We employ different techniques that take advantage of market inefficiencies across different asset classes and geographical regions. A diversified top-down, macro approach encompassing Momentum, Technical, Fundamental, and Value trading styles enables us to target an objective of consistent and superior long term capital appreciation with a strong focus on capital preservation.

Compelling opportunities exist regardless of the economic backdrop. These can be captured through multiple, systematic global macro trading styles and effective risk management. Delivering returns and diversification while trimming downside risk is the hallmark of global macro and serves as the foundation for our approach.