Currency & FX Services

Cretum Advisory Services provides global expertise in trading, hedging and managing the full spectrum of OTC Foreign Exchange instruments, including Spot, Forwards, Options, Exotics and structured products.

Cretum Advisory Partners provides its clients with professional voice execution and state-of-the art electronic market access, all within the new global regulatory environment.


Advisory Services

We work with companies to design and implement strategies and processes to measure, manage and monitor financial risk, using a maket-tested combination of specialist consulting services and innovative risk technology.

Our systematic financial risk management methodology has been designed to increase risk transparency, create customized risk management solutions, and facilitate the efficient execution of hedging transactions by minimizing information asymmetry between clients and banking counterparties.

There are three components to our core service offering:

·         Strategy: Risk Measurement & Strategy Design

·         Implementation: Hedge Arrangement & Price Regulation

·         Technology: Analytics and Risk Reporting

In Cretum Advisory Partners we provide to our clients access to the latest risk management technology and independent expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house financial risk management function. We work with corporate and private equity clients. From SME´s to multinational corporations and financial institutions.

Managing your foreign exchange risk is vital in today´s business environment. More companies are now protecting their business from the volatility present in the exchange rate market. This exchange risk occurs when your business is required to make or receive payment(s) in a foreign currency.

Foreign Exchange risk, if unmanaged, can damage your business returns. This is because unfavourable currency fluctuations can mean the exchange rate that you budgeted on, when first entering a transaction, can differ substantially from the actual exchange rate used to settle that transaction.

Ultimately, this means, the goods that you´ve ordered or sold may cost you more, or you may receive less, as payments for your goods. This exchange rate risk may reduce your bottom-line profit, as you are forced to account for the costs caused by the exchange rate differences.

Importers and Exporters need to manage their currency risk, due to ongoing volatility in currency markets. The risk is managed by entering into a Currency Hedging transaction, through buying or selling an amount of currency, either by entering into a forward contract or buying currency options insurance.

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